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Vocalizations I want to Vocalize! 
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From: KL Mon, 03/26/12 6:18pm
I enjoy your music so much, i wish i could be able to play like you but for now ill just stay inspired and hope for myself to become as great!

From: Danielle M Thu, 03/08/12 10:57pm
My goodness you probably played better then me when you were a fetus haha! Your baby video is adorable. NINTENDO NINTENDO! xD

From: John L. Sun, 02/12/12 11:56am
1st finger down, and the 4th finger on lightly. I know because I've played this.

From: Ethan D. Sun, 12/25/11 12:33am
What happened to the sheet music for David Garrett's Master of Puppets?

From: Ben C Sat, 12/24/11 9:41pm
Merry Christmas everyone! Please stay safe and remember to practice your instruments a little bit this week! If I happen to have the time tomorrow after church, I will make and post a short Christmas video :)

From: Cynthia M. Sat, 12/24/11 3:26pm
Merry Christmas to everyone on Chamberhymns, especially to Ben Chan. We thank you for everything you have done for us. Your help and inspiration is much appreciated. Keep up the great work and I hope for everyone to have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From: Cynthia M. Wed, 12/21/11 3:17pm
For Claude V.
Hey, thanks for complimenting me on how I'm a true violinist, that means a lot. Sorry I couldn't help you on the wrist vibrato technique, but I gave you all I know on how to do wrist vibrato, so I don't know how else I can help you. Merry Christmas! And DON'T FORGET TO PRACTICE OVER THE VACATION!!! ;)

Link to Video

From: Claude V. Mon, 12/19/11 11:42pm
For Cynthia M.
Wow, you really do help a lot (very impressive)! Everyone that is getting help from you i hope is very thankful. That's what makes you a true violinist. Merry Christmas!!!

From: Claude V. Sun, 12/18/11 1:37am
Hey Ben!!! I've been trying to work on wrist vibrato but I just couldn't do it. After fiddling with the violin, I started to get the hang of ARM vibrato. Now that I have it pretty much learned, I can't isolate my hand from my arm to learn wrist vibrato. Any tips would greatly appreciated!!!

From: Wonder Fri, 12/16/11 11:32pm
Hi ben, I have a suggestion for you: could you put the dates of upload for the sheet music you transcribe? It will come in really handy to me, since I go through your list once in a while to find something interesting to play, but I cant remember what songs i've listened to. So it becomes a hassle to click through the LONG list of videos while trying to remember if I've already heard the video or not. Really hope you could do that. Thanks!

From: Tzipora Z Fri, 12/16/11 1:23pm
Hi, Ben. I'd like to ask you for some advice if you don't mind. My bow slides terribly from side to side and you can imagine how that sounds. My teacher says it's because I am too tense and my pinky isn't " working hard enough". I'm trying my best to relax, but I don't know what she means about the pinky thing...

From: mehmetcanc Wed, 12/07/11 4:35am
Why my comments are not shown? They don't contain any external links? Can you please explain that? (and please consider my comments)

From: MehmetCanC Tue, 12/06/11 12:50pm
[ contained external link -- not shown ]

From: HuGGo V. Mon, 12/05/11 1:31pm
I found some interview that he is playing Masters of puppets on his own e.g. David Garrett on BBC Breakfast, David Garrett - Menschen der Woche - 09.10.2010 - Part II. If you would be able to transcribe only the ,,chord part,, (starts after 35 - 40 sec. playing) I would be really happy. The rest of piece is not as diffucult and i am able to play it by ear...

From: MehmetcanC Sat, 12/03/11 3:38pm
[ contained external link -- not shown ]

From: Caradoc Sat, 12/03/11 12:21pm
Hi, I've been watching your Youtube vids for a while but I only just joined this website. I joined for the position shifting tutorials, so thanks for them, but I'm staying for all the other stuff you offer :)
One thing I'd like to request, if I may, is a guide for the sheet music: something simple like easy, intermediate, advanced, Ben Chan level, or whatever, would be very helpful.

From: Ben C Sat, 12/03/11 12:08pm
I have some bad news: the link that I was going to use to transcribe the piece has been removed from YouTube and I can't find a clean enough video now to correctly transcribe it. The violin part is too hard to hear amidst the rest of the instruments and I don't want to post an incorrect transcription. Very sorry about that -- if anyone finds someone who can transcribe it, please let me know so I can post a link to their version!

From: Huggo V Sat, 12/03/11 11:46am
I´m also waiting for Masters of puppets from DG and i hope you will post it soon because I´m going to perform it on school show. Thank you...

From: MehmetcanC Sat, 11/26/11 1:27pm
Hey Ben!
I just wanted to learn when can you transcribe "Master of Puppets"? I'm waiting for notes two weeks. It's important to me because I'm going to play it on a Talent Show, that's all. I transcribed some parts but couldn't do it for all. Thank you :)

From: Luca J. Tue, 11/15/11 4:30pm
Hey Ben, I know that I should not ask for Sheet music in a vocalization but you already transcribed Alejandro from Lady Gaga but the last part (from bar 116 to the end) doesn´t fit the video and I want to play that title on a concert on November the 25th. I wanted to ask you if you could correct that part or just make it fit to the rest of the song. (I hope you understand what I want from you my English isn´t so good :D)

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